Friday, June 27, 2008

#0001 - Eagles "Hotel California"

Ok, so this is an awesome song. I really like this song, and I always have, however I am sick and tired of hearing it. This is a song I most definately can only listen to ON MY OWN TERMS. Even if my IPOD plays this while I shuffle, I have to switch it. Everytime I go to a bar, or a party, or a shindig someone has to play this song. The only thing that makes this worse, is the drunken idiots who try to explain the "deeper meaning."

Stop, and imagine this for just one moment. You are the DD tonight, at some random party, surrounded by lots of people you know, but they're all shitty drunk. So, your drinking your soda, water, whatever, and this song comes on. Everyone starts singing at the top of their lungs, except for 2 guys, you, and the guy next to you. He leans over and starts rambling on about the song being about "excess of America, slutty actresses, mary jane, some people believing Hotel California to be real, the real hotel was a church taken over by satanists, and some say it is about marriage and divorce..." all the while you are trying to ignore him and watch those slutting girls grind up against one another to this song, or any song. I hate that guy, but then again, I think I have been that person before, jsut because I was attempting to ruin the song for others.

Then, you have all the bands that have done covers of this song. Hoenstly, those are just as bad, if not worse than the original. So in addition the following band's covers of this song have also been banned from my personal airways:
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Gipsy Kings
Majek Fashek
The Cat Empire (in french, but still)
Marc Anthony
Alabama 3
SkaDaddyZ (a ska version, that actually isn't too bad, but still)
Al B. Sure!
The Moog Cookbook
William Hung (HE'S BANNED ENTIRELY!!!!)
Rascal Flatts
The Zoo
Urano (tee-hee)
So for the final time, on my airways, here is "Hotel California" by The Eagles. This is not The Eagles as the video, but the lyrics, so perhaps you can take a moment to reflect on the song, or to know what to sing next time this gets played and you're drunk. I know, I personally will not be singing this song anytime soon.

Get the ear plugs ready...

So, welcome to another blog by Linda. Well, another place for me to rant and rave on specific issues. This is my area for over played, drawn out, music.

Most of listen to the radio on a regular basis, most commonly listening to the same three or four boring radio stations. Thanks to these radio stations we tend to hear the same group of songs over and over. Also, those of us bar goers, also tend to hear these same songs CONSTANTLY. Sometimes you think you can escape these songs which haunt you, but then they follow you to a friends party, your mom's house, your aunt's house, sometimes even your grandma's house. It gets to the point if you hear any of these songs one more time, you're going to take an ice pick to your ears.

So, here I come, with my list of songs I never reall wish to hear again, and why. I am very eclectic with my music, so I will attempt to cover many genres. However, there are some genres that are just more over played than others!

Check back to see which ear bleeding song I have posted up next!

PS. These are in no particular order of my distain for them!